Bill Tinsley Blames Controversial GMSG Actions on a Board Nobody Knew Existed

Late last week, the Gay Men’s Social Group removed longtime leader Mark Moore. After years of building GMSG and organizing major events, he’d recently formed his own, more inclusive organization, Gay + St. Louis Social Group, but remained a moderator of GMSG.

Excerpt from House of Villadiva

The GMSG action against the well-liked Moore shocked and upset members, who openly demanded answers. This morning, founder Bill Tinsley said recent actions were voted on by a new Board it seems nobody has ever heard about, while also implying Moore mishandled funds.

“I dont have answers to his bizarre behavior,” Moore said of Tinsley. “I know of no board, none of the mods do. He has been deleting events like Pride masquerave, pageant fundraisers that all the queens are doing and other stuff.”

It appears GMSG is hemorrhaging members this morning. Tinsley has not returned a request for comment.