My Statement on the Anti-Dustin Mitchell Facebook Group

Dustin Mitchell. Photo Credit: Houston Police

One of the Dallas-area victims of Dustin Mitchell founded a Facebook group to gather information on him, and has been diligently running it for about six years. They wish to remain anonymous, and I’m respecting that wish by not identifying them.

While I have zero doubt as to their sincerity in wanting to stop his crime spree, or the effectiveness of their efforts, it is my understanding that they are anticipating a big payout for the story rights. Because of this, they’re highly territorial about the story, as if they own all of it. They’ve badgered people who have covered the story over the years, and recently they’ve been calling those I’ve quoted and telling them not to speak with me.

Of course, the St. Louis LGBTQ Community has been on this ride for a dozen years now. Dustin Mitchell’s origin story is here and in nearby Rolla, not in Dallas, and we all own our individual stories.

If someone is wanting to buy their story rights, I think that’s valid. They’ve been on a traumatic and wild ride. I know others who have taken the brunt of his frauds, including his ex-wife, have no desire to be defined by this episode, and want nothing more than to put it behind them.

While it seems we’re nearing Dustin Mitchell’s grand finale, it’s my hope that the territorial page admin realizes they are occupying a lane on the highway, and not the entire road. That lane may take them to where they want to go, but these wild swerves aren’t helpful. I also suggest they avoid picking up sketchy hitchhikers, like the infamous racists who have found a home on the page in past 24 hours.

Stay focused, stay in your lane, and keep your eyes on the road,

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