Howls of the Disgraced

UPDATE: Chuck Pfoutz published a thorough and comprehensive timeline of events here.

Yelling racial slurs at an entire bar is something I consider unacceptable. Nearly all queer bar owners in St. Louis agreed, which is one reason Nate Stickel and Patrick Manary are banned from nearly all of our establishments.

But tribal attitudes run deep, and former bar owner Jim Weckmann has rallied quite the rogues’ gallery against me for my stance. All carrying on and caterwauling like a bunch of idiots.

So be it.

Let him and his ilk howl until they’re hoarse. Jolene Gosha, Sandra Gay, Dean Russell Chavez, all of them. Let them howl.

One Reply to “Howls of the Disgraced”

  1. ANYONE THAT USES DEROGATORY WORDS TOWARDS MY BEAUTIFULLY BLACK COMMUNITY, SHAME ON YOU…. But to have the word said multiple times by someone in our St. Louis LGBTQIA+ Community???? I’m disgusted.. I’m furious.. And anyone that supports such filth, remove yourself from my circle because WE CAN N.O.T. BE FRIENDS. It’s 2023 almost and we’re still having to have these discussions on what YOU SHOULDN’T SAY? What are we in kindergarten? Shame on you. And shame on ANYONE that supports such pathetic behavior. Thank You Chris Andoe for CALLING OUT RACISM WHEN YOU SEE IT… We both don’t just owe it to our husband’s, WE OWE IT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD TO STAND UP AGAINST HATE… This Article PISSES ME OFF, but it needed to be posted. And for that, I applaud not only you Andoe, I applaud each establishment that agrees THIS BEHAVIOR IS UNEXCUSABLE, UNCALLED FOR AND NOT ALLOWED IN O.U.R.. COMMUNITY!! We are THE community of LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and INCLUSION. Anyone that throws hate and racism around like this P.O.S. did is NO LONGER A PART OF OUR COMMUNITY TILL YOU APOLOGIZE AND M.A.K.E.. I.T.. R.I.G.H.T.. T.H.R.O.U.G.H.. A.C.T.I.O.N.. Till then, I don’t want to hear anyone try flipping the script on anyone else. How Dare ANYONE SUPPORT RACIST PEOPLE. Especially in OUR COMMUNITY… I’M SO DISGUSTED… L.I.V.I.D..P.I.S.S.E.D…

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